2008 Nov 16 Sulawesi, Indonesia, Earthquake

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November 21, 2008
Strong Motion Seismology Group

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Overall Comments

An earthquake occurred on November 16, 2008 (UT) off the northern coast of the Minahassa peninsula, Indonesia. To investigate source process of the earthquakes, we have performed teleseismic waveform inversion of Kikuchi and Kanamori (1991) using displacement records observed at stations of FDSN from IRIS DMC. Since the source region is located in the ocean, we assumed a water layer of 2 km for the 1D velocity structure around the source. We fixed the epicenter determined by USGS and searched the focal depth to minimize the waveform fit. The residual of the finite fault inversion preferred a low-angle south-dipping fault plane with a moment magnitude of Mw 7.2. The focal depth was estimated to be 25 km, and the large slip area was found at the deeper part respect to the hypocenter. The low-angle south-dipping fault plane is also pointed out by the USGS earthquake summary poster.

Mainshock and Aftershocks

Mw 7.2 Earthquake on 2008 Nov 16 17:02:32 (UT)
Source Time Function, Moment Tensor, Inverted Slip, and Waveform Fit

Stations used for the Teleseismic Waveform Inversion

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